Non-Scale Victories

A non-scale victory is just that: a victory that has nothing to do with weighing yourself on a scale, any scale. When I felt down in the dumps, saying to myself, “Why can’t I lose weight?” I would open my journal and read all my non-scale victories. I mean that would just totally remind me why I was here. Patience and perseverance were the key for me.

  • I’m off all medications
  • No steroids for adrenal insufficiency
  • My adrenals are working again HEALED
  • Don’t HAVE to take naps anymore
  • My hair is growing everywhere
  • Hair on my legs must be shaved daily
  • I have zero joint pain/stiffness
  • My mood and energy soar daily
  • Ganglion cyst on foot gone
  • Lost ½ a shoe size
  • Lost ½” off ring size
  • No heartburn or bloating
  • Low blood sugars GONE
  • Insulin resistance healed
  • Autoimmune eczema GONE
  • Hypoglycemia GONE
  • Acne GONE
  • Asthma GONE
  • Radiation burns from my first sarcoma treatment HEALED
  • Tattoos no longer swollen all the time
  • Off artifical sweeteners and all sugar
  • Emotionally stronger
  • Brain fog GONE
  • Painful sex a thing of the past
  • Allegeries significantly improved
  • Cartlidge in my knees are regrowing
  • Grappling with words gone

New NSV’s in 2022

  • Lost 3 Percent body fat
  • Lost a total of 24 lbs since I started carnivore
  • Gums have grown back since cancer treatment
  • Macular Degeneration HEALED
  • Astygmatism GONE
  • Had H-Pylori, now it is healed
  • Vaginal scaring has healed
  • Thyroid nodules – had 15 now have 10 and two have shrunk significantly
  • I have lost 41.25 total body inches
  • Went from a size 22 to a 14
  • Bone density up 2 percent
  • Hunger cues on point
  • Scars on my body are fading
  • So motivated to exercise
  • No longer feel food obsessed
  • Facial skin bright, wrinkles less, skin glows more
  • Skin Tags gone

AND MY BEST NSV TO DATE: when they found my second sarcoma, I was three months into

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