Handling Family & Friends

Not everyone will be on board with your way of eating. Family, friends and strangers will not always be supportive. I have had to explain about my diet to a lot of people. Sometimes I just say sorry, not sorry, not explaining it to you and other times I explain it is something my doctor and I are doing as an elimination diet.

I think sometimes you just have to be prepared to answer the questions simply. Try not to get on your soap box and try not to preach about how your way is the best.

In social situations, like parties during the holidays, I always eat a full meal before I go, and I have a meal prepared at home to eat as soon as I get back. If I am at a party, I eat the things I can and don’t eat the things I can’t. I just don’t make a big deal. If it is a potluck situation, then of course I bring a meat dish.

I have also learned not to focus on food at events. I have learned to just go and enjoy my friends and family. Have great conversations and enjoy their company.

Another thing I do is give myself grace. You don’t have to be perfect. If I have an off carnivore treat, who cares, I’m still a carnivore and I go right back to my way of eating the next day.

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