Meat Myths

I have heard so much nonsense about what will happen if you eat an all-meat diet. The myths just keep coming. Here are a few I want to dispel.

MEAT CAUSES CANCER: There have been studies that show restricting red meat has little to no effect on cancer incidence. (Study Link)

THE HIGH SATURATED FAT/CHOLESTEROL/HEART DISEASE: So, the main fat in meat and pork is monounsaturated fat. In a 2015 study it was found that dietary cholesterol is not problematic. (Study Link)

Animal fat does not cause plaque build-up. Dr. David Diamond has some awesome YouTube videos about this subject. (Link OneLink Two). It is the foods we eat like bread, seed oils, and refined carbohydrates that cause the issues.

LDL cholesterol is important and responsible for hormone production and steroid hormone production. Sex hormones, cortisol, pregnenolone, progesterone and DHEA are synthesized by LDL cholesterol.

MEAT IS NOT AS SAFE AS IT USED TO BE: During the last decade the USDA has shown deep declines in bacteria on meat and poultry. In fact. e-coli has declined by 90% and since 2000 salmonella has declined on both pork and chicken. If you handle and cook your meat properly, you should have no problem.

GRASS FED BEEF IS BETTR FOR YOU THAN GRAIN FEED BEEF: Eat what you can afford. The average person cannot tell the difference between the two. One is not safter than the other