Carnivore Zen…Is it a Real Thing

I have heard people talk about the peace they have experienced and found in the carnivore way of eating. In the beginning, I thought “horse s****.” What I wanted from carnivore was body healing and weight loss. Little did I know, I would eventually start to experience this “carnivore Zen,” which I believe is a form of spiritual awakening.

It started small at first. After several weeks, I felt less anxious, less depressed, and more patience for people and nonsense. I began to feel more energy and less stress all around. Things, events and people just did not seem to bother me as much as before. My moods started to stabilize until mood swings were a thing of the past. I felt like I communicated better, even in the tough situations.

It was about four months in, when I realized, I was beginning to go over in my mind all the trauma I had witnessed and gone through in my life. I was picking it apart, letting go of the compartmentalizing. Really looking at who I was. It felt a little weird. I had always been the strong woman who was wound tight and ready for a fight. The fixit woman; the protector; the fighter; and the one my friends came to when they needed someone strong enough to make it stop. I started to realize my cancer and health issues had more to do with having made no time my emotional and spiritual well-being, and less to do with other factors.

It was at that point that I took the advice of my coach and began to implement grounding. I started getting up a dawn, putting my feet in the dirt, and soaking in the early morning sunlight. I began to feel even better, calmer, and more at peace. I would just leave my phone on the charger go outside and listen to the world. Sometimes, I would think about problems, or negative things, but for the first time in my, I could just let them go. I mean really just let them go. The thoughts flowed in and out like water with no effect on my mind set.

The first time I felt what I now know was carnivore Zen, something I feel way more often now, was watching the sunset with my husband. I was completely relaxed and in the moment. I literally had waves of peace and calm ripple through my body. It was the most amazing feeling ever. The mental clarity and peace I felt in that moment was intoxicating.

I haven’t told many people about this night because when I do most look at me like I am totally insane. When you have always been the “strong woman” people have a hard time seeing you any other way and tend to think you are weak. But I am here to tell you the peace I feel most every day has literally changed my life!

You might not believe me, but it happened. Since this event, I have felt it almost daily. With this Zen, I feel energized and at peace when I wake up most days. It keeps me on carnivore because I don’t ever want that mental clarity, energy and sense of peace to end.

So, after this event, I thought hmmm, I wonder if this is a common occurrence. I searched the Internet to see if others had felt this “feeling.” As it turns out, carnivores experience this state of mind a lot. I wasn’t the only one.

Just another reason to stay on an animal-based diet.

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