Meds & The Carnivore Diet

When I started the carnivore diet, I was on 21 medications including a low dose antidepressant.

I started taking antidepressants after my husband and I were separated for a short time. After I started the carnivore diet, I went decreased them and went off.

It was fine for a while but then things happened, and I found myself crying a lot and unable to deal. I talked to another carnivore who explained to me that being on medication is not a failure. Having to take antidepressants so your boat doesn’t rock so much is not a failure. Eventually, I will be able to get off the medication, but if for some reason I can’t, that is okay.

I think it is important to understand that the Carnivore Diet is 1) not necessarily for everyone; 2) is not a cure all for everything; and 3) not everyone who is on the carnivore diet can quit all their medications.

It is not a failure it is just the way life is sometimes. So, if you are struggling and your doctor recommends a low dose antidepressant, don’t just say no because you think eating more meat will fix you. Don’t look at it as a failure and don’t worry that taking it for a few months may mean it takes you some time to get off of them. What is better, having your world turned upside down because your emotions are so out of control or having some stability and allowing yourself some grace. Maybe medication will help you while the carnivore way continues to heal you.

Food for thought!

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